"Representing Chicago's DIY music scene, She's Alive give a powerpop
punch to the windy city" says Neck Deep Media's Andrew Wynykoski of
the band's debut EP, 'Left To Live For'. All veterans of the midwest
scene, the five-piece assembled in 2012 and have wasted no time,
quickly hammering out a tight collection of songs and securing studio
time at Rob Freeman's renowned Pilot Studio in New Jersey. Since the
release of the EP in June She's Alive have supported touring artists
including Paradise Fears, Forever the Sickest Kids, Rocky Loves Emily
and more. But the poppunkers have no intention of slowing down. They
plan on hitting the road late this summer to bring their uplifting
sound and message to the midwest and east coast. "If it's trendy we
don't do it," says lead vocalist Alex Rogers. "We just play music that
is real to us and I think people respond to that sincerity. When
you're not focused on fitting into a mold, people are responding on an
entirely different level because your music relates to their
experiences. That connection is what keeps us going."